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A story


You left me

It gets dark and lonely 

You were my one and only 

I grieved and drowned in my own tears, sadly

He came and dressed the wounds of my heart, patiently 

I found him with that sweet harmony 

For once, my eyes rested peacefully 

He came with that tasteful melody 

Shamed by my own family 

Belief is, I should not have moved on quickly 

Yet sometimes it gets lonely 

He quenches my loneliness soothingly

He is filling the gap, precisely 

Although I’m not his one and only 

Some nights are cold and ghostly 

But it’s better to be alone than lonely 

Truth be told, you absence is numbing 

Ever since you left, my happiness if just once upon a time, a story. 

– Vanessa Pawandiwa, 21

  • Name: Vanessa Pawandiwa
  • Age: 21
  • Location: Zimbabwe
  • Industry: Pyschology/MUA/Content Creation
  • Heritage: Mutoko, Katsukunya
  • What does being Black mean to you? Being Black means being rich in culture to me. Being Black is inspirational. Being Black has not stopped me from believing in myself and wanting more. Being Black to me means the sky is limit.

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