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Welcome to Wedzera


Who are we?

Wedzera is a network initiative created to help sustain long-term awareness and support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and likewise humanitarian efforts, as well as continuously working to create opportunity within the Black community.

Why are we doing this?

After the inhumane killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests to racial injustice worldwide, social media underwent an influx of petitions to sign, books to read, and causes to donate to – all rightfully so. But with these resources being thrown at us all at once… and then inevitably not at all, it became hard to consume this valuable information in a way that’s genuinely productive and not overwhelming.

That’s why we started Wedzera.

Wedzera’s purpose is to perfect the dosage for healthy and sustainable activism. With weekly newsletters, we aim to make educating yourself on racial issues, and continuously being an active participant in change, seamless. We have also created ways for Black voices to contribute to our cause and be a part of our community, in order for them to benefit from the network we help shape.

How does Wedzera work?

The Wedzera newsletter aims to combat racial injustice and keep the momentum going long after the stories have exited the current news cycle, as well as providing the resources to build opportunities in the Black community.

This is how we do just that:

  • Educating people on the kinds of books and free essays they can read, and films they can watch to expand their knowledge of what’s happening in the world concerning racial oppression, by giving them accessible links and resources to read, watch and buy from.
  • Spotlighting Black businesses and organisations to encourage people to support them financially and increase people’s awareness of them.
  • Highlighting petitions for important causes and detailing their purpose in a simplified manner.
  • Building the cognitive bridge between the learning of instances of racial oppression and creating the relevant structural change necessary to amend the injustice being witnessed (i.e. ‘what legislation can I support/challenge to prevent this from happening in the future?’).

How can you get involved?

You can sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

Once a week, we feature a think piece to help amplify Black voices in our community. Check out our blog, where we post the think pieces, here.

If you are Black or Black mixed heritage and you have something you’d like to speak on, get in touch at hello@wedzera.co.uk!

If there are other ways you’d like to inquire about getting involved with Wedzera, contact us at hello@wedzera.co.uk.

Peace, love, and power.

– Team Wedzera

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